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CONNECTION EXHIBITION - at Latrobe Art Space, Paddington, Brisbane, March 2020

Womankind Collective second group exhibition: "Connection" was hosted by Latrobe Art Space. Sister gallery of Lethbridge Gallery; host of the annual Small Scale Art Prize 20000 which all exhibiting artist have been selected as finalists in the past.

I exhibited with other four amazing artists/Julian Ashton alumni: Colleen Stapleton, Jessica Guthrie, Marin Loo and Sophie Hague.


Each artist had its own interpretation of "Connection". The paintings I exhibited told the story of the alpinist Franco Piana, taking inspiration from his "35mm slides" taken in 1970 during the Annapurna expedition. 

Annapurna 5.jpeg
Annapurna 3.jpeg
Annapurna 4.jpeg
Italian Mountain.jpg
Annapurna 1.jpg
Annapurna 2.jpg
Latrobe exhibtion take 2.PNG
Latrobe exhibtion.PNG

WOMANKIND EXHIBITION - at Project 90 Gallery, Paddington, Sydney, May 2019

Womankind Collective first group exhibition: "Womankind" was curated by Kate Hopkinson-Pointer and hosted by Project 90 Gallery.

I exhibited with other four amazing artists/Julian Ashton alumni: Colleen Stapleton, Jessica Guthrie, Marin Loo and Sophie Hague.


Each artist had its own interpretation and of "Womankind". The paintings I exhibited explored the concept of Fertility.


About the Paintings

The pomegranate fruit has many meanings: death, rebirth, life, prosperity, ambition, the supernatural.

In most religions and cultures, it is the symbol of fertility.

In the society we live in, despite many arising female empowerment movements, fertility is largely considered a necessary component of being a woman.

Making the decision to not have children, postponing it or struggling to make it happen, will with no doubt make women feel like they are inadequate, incomplete.

In this series of paintings, I explore my feelings, conflicting thoughts and emotions related to fertility, the reproduction treatments I went through and how society handles this topic.

I use the pomegranate in its totality of meaning and possibilities, not just limited to fertility.



Moreton Bay Fig Tree

Acrylic on concrete wall - 160 X 300 cm - 2017

I have been selected to paint on the Bondi Beach graffiti wall earlier this year.

The project is run by the Waverly Council. Every 6 months they do a call for artists and rotate the mural art on display. To get in, you have to submit your mural concept.

Here’s my CONCEPT:

“As a tourist, expat, citizen, Sydneysider and Bondisider I feel the Moreton Bay fig tree expresses one of the main beauties of Sydney and Australia. I want to celebrate Australia’s lush nature: fill the space with a notty trunk, shadows and sunlight of a majestic moreton fig tree. I want the audience to feel like they are under the shadow and sunlight coming through the tree’s trunk and branches. We rarely look up from our phone and enjoy the beauty of nature, we are so lucky to have it amongst Sydney urban areas.”

I did an exhibition 2 years ago  that was all about Moreton fig trees. As I was painting on my 50X40cm canvas I had in the back of my mind that the real place of expression of my ideas was a much larger canvas.

After this experience, I definitely will do more murals and larger pieces.


There were 500+ entries this year for the Waverly Art Prize. “Burning Man Memories “ was selected as one the 50 finalists.

Burning Man Memories

Oil on canvas - 25 X 30 cm - 2016

MYTHOS EXHIBITION at Depot Gallery, Waterloo, Sydney November 2016

This was the last exhibition before they turned Depot Gallery into apartments. 

I exhibited with other four amazing artists: Nada Decat, Chunyu Zhang, Michael Simms and Paul Smith.


Each artist had its own interpretation and representation of "myth". The paintings I exhibited explored the Myth of Burning Man. Burning man is a week-long festival held in the desert of Nevada.

Mad Hatter

Oil on canvas - 40 X 30 cm - 2016


Oil on canvas - 40 X 30 cm - 2016

Burning Man Culture

Oil on canvas - 25 X 30 cm - 2016

Burning Man Event

Oil on canvas - 25 X 30 cm - 2016


Oil on canvas - 40 X 30 cm - 2016

Burning Man Memories

Oil on canvas - 25 X 30 cm - 2016

About the Paintings

“Burning Man culture” is about gifting, caring about humans, nature and experimenting with different versions of yourself.

My “Burning Man memories” are largely about riding my bicycle in the desert, goggles on, exploring art

“Burning Man event” is about building, destroying and rituals.

The “Mad Hatter” is Jason, my life partner. He wasn’t up for Burning man at first then, as usual, he went mad for it.

“Gio” is Gio, a dear long-time friend and adventure animal who introduced me to the festival.

“Frida” is my self-portrait. Frida Friday is one beautiful memory of Burning Man and I love her and her art.


About the Robot

The robot idea came about randomly as I was thinking about my Burning Man experience and Burning Man as a myth.

The robot is a toy, it represents the other side of Burning man. It’s the superficial, naïve and hypocritical side of it.

It’s make believe. For a week I’m going to play as if I'm crazy, I am going to hug everybody and care about nature by picking up rubbish that sits on the desert. That should be enough to show that I care about the planet.

I certainly have been the robot myself.

Burning Man didn’t change my life, but it planted a positive, inspiring seed in my head.

VISION EXHIBITION at M2 Gallery, Surry Hills, Sydney November 2015

A group exhibition with three fantastic artists: Chunyu Zhang, Haruyo Morita and Michael Simms.

My passion for Moreton Bay Fig trees started a few years back when I got commissioned to "paint a tree, any tree".

I started to look at the nature around me with more attention, looking for inspiration.

My paintings are a celebration of the beautiful, angry, knotty, twisty Moreton Bay Fig tree's trunks.

Moreton Bay Fig Trees Oil on canvas - 50 X 40 cm - 2015

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